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15 Types of Clients and How to Handle Them Properly

I found this awesome infographic posted on my Facebook feed. It’s from Jami Oetting at The Agency Post.

We freelancers have to adopt the adage “The client is always right” all the time. Being clear on expectations (and …

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Reflections on One Year of Blogging

People say time flies so fast when you’re having fun. I’d add that time flies quite quickly too when you’re too busy to look up and take notice. The last few months have been hectic for me, what with my brother’s wedding, my Significant Other’s recent visit for Valentine’s, and …

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Marketing and the Freelance Writer

I have always been a reserved person. It’s not easy for me to start chitchatting with other people unless I’ve known them for some time. Although I’ve worked as an executive assistant for a number of years before I started freelance writing full time, I hated talking on the phone or having to deal with …

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How to Stay Productive and Sane on Bad Weather Days

After some days of torrential rains that brought Metro Manila underwater, we finally saw some sunshine. The season of bad weather isn’t over yet, though. Until November rolls in, we can expect showers, thunderstorms, baby typhoons, and super-typhoons blowing our way.

As I’m a freelance writer working from home, one …

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An Experiment on Making Money with Constant Content

If you’re a good freelance writer, you won’t run out of projects. Your long-term clients will always have work for you to do. You also won’t have trouble finding new clients if you want to.

Still, it is always a great idea to explore what money-making opportunities are available to you. After all, you’ll never …

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