Nostalgia and Sailor Moon Crystal [Episode 1 Spoiler Alert]

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1

I got pretty hyped when I heard last year that Toei Animation was going to reboot Sailor Moon to celebrate the anime’s 20th anniversary. Sailor Moon is, hands down, one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time. I kind of channeled Usagi Tsukino in college (except for the studying – I loved studying and I had good grades). I grew my hair long so I could wear it in the odango style. I bought the manga and as much of the merchandise as I could afford. One of my brothers and I even recorded the Tagalog-dubbed episodes on VHS so we could watch them over and over again. Eventually, the VCR gave up on us and now the tapes are just languishing in a closet.

Those were the days. Was it really 20 years ago? Where did time go?

Anyhow, ever since I heard the series is going to be rebooted, I lapped up the updates and patiently waited for July 5, 2014, the premiere date. I waited some more to get access to fan subs. (Really, with all the licensing limitations on anime and J-dramas and whatever, where would we be without the hardworking fansubbers?) And now, a couple of hours after watching the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, I’m blogging about it.

[Spoiler Alert. You’ve Been Warned.]

Sailor Moon Crystal - Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon

What do I think of this new incarnation of Sailor Moon? Maybe it’s just me, but the nostalgia factor kicked in within the first two minutes of the episode. What longtime fan wouldn’t feel nostalgic about watching a dreamy sequence of Princess Serenity running into the arms of her secret lover, Prince Endymion, and then present-day Usagi Tsukino waking up and making the audience realize it’s just a dream? Except the audience knows what’s going to come next and is just waiting to see how the entire plot plays out this time around.

It’s crazy and I love it.

Other things I love about the episode:

–    The look and feel of the episode in general. The artwork is cleaner and more vivid, and the animation is more fluid. It’s also a lot closer to author Naoko Takeuchi’s style.

–    It seems the reboot is going to be a lot closer to the manga in terms of storyline as well, which is great because I loved the manga and kind of started hating the anime after Sailor Moon S. The first episode is nearly a frame-by-frame adaptation of the first act in the manga.

–    Am I seeing a more functional Tuxedo Mask? Yes, I am! And… Mamoru with glasses is swoon-worthy.

Things I wish the episode had:

–    A shorter transformation sequence. The transformation sequence in the original series was shorter too.

–    The original theme song. Moon Pride is nice and catchy, but it screams bubblegum. It can’t hold a candle to Moonlight Densetsu, which is punchier and pretty much kickass. The reboot’s opening sequence is a lot edgier, though.

So, yeah. Going by the first episode, Sailor Moon Crystal is awesome and promises to continue being so. Watching it made me feel like I’m 17 and in college again, sporting my odango hairstyle.

I’m going to go squee like a crazy fangirl now.


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