Reads for the Week – On WordPress Security, Creating Content, Failing Forward and Vacations

This week’s picks from my Google Alerts and RSS reader.


FamousBloggers.net and ThesisAwesome.com are Stolen from @GoDaddy
This is old news already, but this has given me another reason to leave GoDaddy and look for a new home for my other domain. I’ve been following FamousBloggers for years now, and it’s really sad to see this happen to such a prominent blog.

How to Prevent and React to a WordPress Hack Attack
Blogger timethief has some great tips for securing your WordPress blog. No blog is going to be 100% secure, but it’s better to be prepared than caught off-guard.

The Easiest Ways to Protect a WordPress Blog
WordPress is usually safe and secure, unless you tweak the code a lot. Lior Levin offers more tips for keeping your WordPress blog safe and secure.

Tried and True Tips For New Blog Content
Are you struggling with how to create new content for your blog? I know I am. Chrissie Cole shares her tips on where to get ideas for your next blog content.

13 Things to Try When You’re Thinking About Giving Up on Blogging
It’s easy to give up on blogging. Ramsay Taplin’s guest post at Kikolani tells us what we can do to keep the desire to blog alive.

Freelance Writing

Don’t Seek Less Work, Seek Better Work
One of my dad’s favorite adages is “Work smart, not hard.” Time is a non-renewable resource after all.

9 Great Ways To Capture Your Most Creative Ideas — No Matter Where You Are
When your creative juices are blocked, what do you do? Tania Dakka’s advice is to take a break and capture whatever ideas come to you when you’re just chilling out.

The Surprising Reason Why Freelancers Fail
Freelancers, even the successful ones, face failure every now and then. Laura Spencer shares the biggest factors that cause freelancers to fail and how to avoid them.

How I Began My Freelance Writing Career Online
Looking for a way to get started on online freelance writing? Casey Cruz shares a couple of suggestions on how you can do that.

Why This Freelancer Never Take Vacations
Really, nothing sucks more than going on a holiday for some R&R only to find out something went horribly wrong with your business while you’re away. Rebecca Garland’s list is a must-read if you’re a freelancer going on vacation soon.


‘Ghostbusters 3’: Bill Murray Not Involved Says Dan Aykroyd, Again
The Real Ghostbusters cartoon is one of the TV shows that shaped my childhood. It made me a lifelong fan of the Ghostbusters franchise. But I don’t think I’m the only fan who thinks this Ghosbusters 3 issue should die already.

Blizzard Insider #45 – Mists of Pandaria – Raid Preview
I quit playing WoW shortly before the Cataclysm expansion came out. I’ve been thinking of returning to the game, and Mists of Pandaria is giving me a somewhat good excuse to give it a go.

Image: David Goehring


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