Reads for the Week – Blogging for Freelance Writers and How to Get Good Freelance Writing Gigs

This week’s picks of interesting reads from the blogs and sites I follow.


10 Things Learned About Yourself After 100 Blog Posts
Blogging is often a journey of discovery. Dan Gershenson shares the lessons he learned after writing 100 posts on his personal blog.

25 Blogging Tips for Newbies and Veterans
A typical blog on blogging has its own list of tips on how to blog successfully. Jeff Goins shares what he thinks are the ingredients that really make blogging work.

How to Create White Papers From Your Blog Posts and Use Them Effectively
What is a white paper and what does it do? Mitt Ray explains it all in this post.

The Blogger’s Checklist
Blogging is a process, and Andre W. Klein lists down the steps we should take whenever we post on our blogs.

Freelance Writing

7 Screaming Red Flags That You’re Not Cut Out for Freelance Writing
Not everyone can be a freelance writer. In this blog post, Carol Tice tells us what obstacles can prevent you from becoming a good freelance writer and how to overcome them.

The Starving Writer’s Quick Guide to Finding Good-Paying Freelance Blogger Gigs
Another post by Carol Tice, this time on how freelance writers can get blogging gigs that really pay the bills.

Applying For Your First Writing Gig: What to Include
The first email you send to a prospect is always the hardest one to write, at least for me. Shadab Mahbub lists down the elements he thinks should be included in that first email so you can impress your prospect.


Do We NEED Google?
Can bloggers live without Google? Brian Hawkins answers that question in this post.

It’s All About Discoverability: Is SEO Dead? Does It Matter?
Jonathan Crowe shares a few proven tactics that will help your blog/site generate traffic without relying entirely on search engines.

Social Media

5 Ways to Turn Twitter into Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool
Jeff Bullas shares the tools that will help us maximize the benefits we can get from Twitter.

Facebook To Consider Charging Users to Highlight a Post
Will you pay $2 to highlight a post on your Facebook timeline? Steve Olenski reports Facebook is currently testing this concept in New Zealand.


Color Psychology: What Color Says About You
Your choice of color for your website – or even your clothes – can reveal a lot about you, says Melanie Brooks.

9 Great Online Credibility Builders
So how is your G-cred? John Follis says if you don’t have G-cred, you don’t have credibility.

How to Get Your Groovy On
Courtney Carver tells us how much more we can enjoy life if we took a short pause from our busy schedules to get our groovy on.

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  1. Brian D. Hawkins

    I’m glad you liked our post Anna and I appreciate you including it in your Reads for the Week series. It looks like we like the same types of content, including B2C. 🙂
    Brian D. Hawkins recently posted..Facebook Marketing For Smart People $6 RebateMy Profile

    1. Anna Sibal-Gonzaga

      That’s awesome, Brian. B2C is great. Reading blogs like B2C and yours is like going back to school for me. I learn a lot from these blogs, and it’s only right that I share them with others.

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