Reads for the Week – Better Blogging and a Touch of Geekiness

This week’s list of articles and posts I found on my Google Alerts and RSS reader.


5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog
The number one reason is no one wants to read a boring blog. Mitz Pantic shares the other four in this post.

9 Steps to Take When You Loathe Your Own Blog
So, what should you do when you start feeling that working on your blog has become a drag? Ryan Barton lists down his tips on what to do in that case.

When Guest Blogging is too Early
Guest blogging is the best way to get exposure for your blog. But not everyone is ready to dive into it right from the start, and Anne-Sophie Reinhardt tells us why that’s okay.

The 5 Deadly Sins of Blogging (And How to Avoid Them)
According to Gregory Ciotti, there are five sins that bloggers must stay away from at all costs.

Blog Better by Slowing Down
Sometimes, getting too focused on your blog can be a bad thing. Timo Kiander shows us why slowing down with blogging may be a good idea.

Freelance Writing

How to Get Tons of Freelance Writing Assignments by Pumping Up the Volume
The more queries and LOIs you send, the more writing assignments you’ll get, so said Linda Formichelli.

Five Skills to Supplement Your Freelance Writing Potential
Freelance writers need to be good writers; that’s a given. But it would be useful for them to have other skills, too. Michael Kwan has a list of supplementary skills freelance writers might want to develop.

How to Handle Writing Deadlines… CALMLY!
Deadlines – we don’t love them. But oh, they’re always there. Shakirah Dawud shows us what to do to stop freaking out when deadlines loom.

When a Writing Gig Goes Bad
Jane Graham shares the lessons she learned when one of her gigs went awry.


17 Types of Link Spam to Avoid
Google has its eye on web spammers these days. Carson Ward has come up with a list of link spam we need to avoid so we don’t get hit by Google.

How to Prevent Content Scraping before It Starts
It sucks to have your content stolen, but that can be prevented using Amanda DiSilvestro’s tips for keeping content scrapers away from your work.

Malware, SEO and You
We all know that malware is bad. Rick DeJarnette discusses the implication of malware on your site, your business and your online reputation.

Social Media

Twitter Etiquette: 24 Guidelines to Tweet By
We are always told to mind our manners in the company of other people. Twitter exposes us to a lot of other people, and Heidi Cohen shows us how to act accordingly with them.

5 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Profile in Five Minutes
Pinterest can do wonders with your online exposure. Allison Boyer suggests five steps to take to optimize your Pinterest profile.


If Diablo III Were a Girl [Video]
Diablo III, we waited for you for more than ten years. And now that you’re finally here, you still screw us over.

The Ghostbusters Tour of New York [Video]
Two Ghostbusters geeks run around New York City to locate landmarks featured in the first Ghostbusters movie. I, too, would stand in awed silence in front of Hook and Ladder #8.


Three Little Habits to Find Focus
Distraction is the enemy, but it always beckons. Leo Babauta shows us how to fight distraction and stay focused on whatever task we have at hand.

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