Easter Sunday with the Rents at Cyma

Easter Sunday is for families, and I spent mine with my parents. We were supposed to watch a movie, but we couldn’t decide on what to watch. I wanted to see Hunger Games, but my mom preferred Mirror, Mirror. We ended up not going to the cinema and instead had a long lunch at Cyma Restaurant in Trinoma.

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything remotely related to food blogging, so please excuse the crappy pictures.

To start, we shared Dad’s tonnos salata, which is greens with grilled tuna, anchovies, eggs, olives and tomatoes. I don’t know what dressing they put in there, but it’s thick and the sourness was nicely balanced with what tasted like honey.

Cyma Restaurant's Tonnos Salata


Aside from the salad, my dad had chicken souvlaki, which is chicken kabob with pita bread, tomato-and-onion relish and feta cheese.

Cyma Restaurant's Chicken Souvlaki

My mom had garides mi feta spaghetti – pasta with chunky tomato sauce, large prawns and feta cheese. It’s very flavorful.

Cyma Restaurant's Garides Mi Feta Spaghetti

As for me, I had Greek spinach pie. I don’t know what the crust was made of, but it’s really thin and flaky. The spinach and feta cheese filling was very creamy. At first I was turned off by how oily it looked, as I hate oily food. But when I tasted it, I changed my mind. I hardly tasted or felt the oil in my mouth.

Even if we didn’t get to watch a movie, the time spent at Cyma made up for it. The service was excellent and the prices were competitive. We don’t eat out a lot, but when we do, we always make it a point to try new things and enjoy the experience. Cyma Restaurant is a great find for us.

How did you spend your Easter Sunday?


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